Service Detail (Corporate & Exhibition Planners)

About the Vendor

Our dedicated team of young talented individuals specializing in various fields gives you an insight into providing key creative solutions for all marketing needs. We believe that a successful marketing campaign involves specific skill sets to create an amazing idea, an executable structure plan, and precise execution.

At Black Concept, we strongly adhere to the belief that what we promise, we deliver. This challenges us to provide you with a wide array of customizable business solutions to meet your corporate needs through our integrated marketing approach.

Our clients varies from different sectors as we believe in diversifying our services across numerous industries. This allows us to provide our integrated approach towards marketing to any client who are in need of creative business solutions in generating awareness, optimizing ROI and drive sales for their corporations.

Average response time: 3 days


Terms & Conditions

Upon confirmation of quotation, a 50% deposit would be collected. The deposit will be non-refundable 45 days before the actual event.

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